Working from a photograph or a live rendering, Daniel will create lifelike portraits. Give a portrait as a gift or simply keep it for yourself! Daniel loves to do people, pets and/or full family portraits at any size.


If you are looking for a black and white portrait than charcoal is the medium of choice, as it has the ability to fool the eye and look like a photo. For color portraits, acrylic or oil is the best choice for vibrancy.

Alayna Angel
19 X 25 Charcoal, Carbon and Chalk on grey paper
Final Viking
19 X 25 Charcoal and Chalk

24 X 30: $150
12 X 15: $80
Daniel and Sophia
19 X 25 Charcoal on toned grey paper
Kelsy 10 Weeks Pregnant
Engagement Photo
18" X 24" Charcoal and white chalk on paper
John's Dog
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Daniel WIlliams 2018

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Kelsy 10 Weeks Pregnant